Saturday, March 1, 2008

That Middle One is a Funny One...

Today was a gorgeous, sunny & 85 degree day! The kind of day that you can feel in your bones. The kind of day that you can't wait to be outside. The kind of day that makes you feel like God is smiling on you.

The boys somehow knew early this morning that it was going to be so pleasant and couldn't wait to get out in the yard. They begged for hot chocolate and when I finally gave in they asked if they could take their coffee mugs and sit out on the back porch to, as Hudson said, "breathe in the air." I, of course, agreed.

Still pajama laden, they head out back while I remain inside gearing up for the day ahead. I am watching them from the breakfast room window and they, even this early, simply brighten my life. They are in last night's pajamas - Jake and Cole in their snug-fitting pants and matching shirts...Hudson, too cool for the snug-fit look, content just in shorts. They have transformed their laid-back, drink-in-the-morning hot chocolate consumption into a pretend-play coffee shop. So I get closer. Jake appears to be running the shop, Hudson acts as patron. Cole is, well, Cole. Hudson orders some hilariously fancy coffee (not because he's ever heard that done, for sure). And that's when Jake responds. "Sorry, man. No shoes. No shirt. No service."

Cracked us all up.

Then, this afternoon, while at Hudson's baseball practice, I am watching the scrimmage while Jake and Cole are playing on and under the bleachers and keeping themselves perfectly occupied. I see, out of the corner of my eye, Jake leave his seat atop the bleachers quite creatively and knock his head on the seat below in the meantime. As a mother of three boys, I don't even flinch.

But I do watch Jake as he squints and kind of shakes his head. He walks over to me and climbs up into my lap. He then says, "Kiss my head, mom. The cuckoo birds are flying around it."

So I smiled and kissed his head.

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Andrea said...

That is precious! What a great sense of humor. I love that he is big enough to make witty jokes.